It’s nice to know how to manage your finances and help others do it the right way for them. I am Latoria Williams and I’d be glad to join you on a quest to financial freedom. Being a mother, I know quite well, how it feels to not have enough money to pay all the bills or fulfill even the basic needs. I was studying Quantitative Finance at the University of Nevada (UNLV). I have a strong background in financial analysis. After graduating from UNLV I spent 5 years as an employee of the lending sector. My first job was Client Service Associate at Ameriquest Mortgage Company. This assignment gave me a great experience of communication with clients. I learned to understand their needs and to find the best solution for each person. During my almost 4 year career at Wachovia, I was promoted to the position of Administrative Manager. I was working hard on this position and here I realized that my professional goal is to be useful for people in need for whom services of regular banks and credit unions are unavailable because of their bad credit history. In 2011 my goal led me to join 1FirstCashAdvance Financial Help, LLC. And it’s an honor for me to lead this team of professionals. The CEO position gave me the possibility to change the business model of this company. We care about our clients, so the 1FirstCashAdvance’s mission is not only to help people to face their unexpected financial needs and emergencies but also to transform them into responsible borrowers with a good credit record. My knowledge in personal finance management and my professional experience in the lending sector make me a full-blown personal finance consultant, helping my clients get over their financial issues.