Greatness Is Your Birthright

Greatness is your birthright. So, with that in mind, what does a GREAT life mean to you? That is one of the most important questions an adult can ask and answer. Here are some thoughts, that I learned from one of my favorite mentors…Philip Humbert. No one wants to live a life of misery, but in many ways, we think it’s even more important that we refuse to live a life of boredom, repetition, or a life filled with “partly cloudy” days. Too many of us settle for, or, or, instead of actually living our own unique and wonderful lives.

Oh sure, many of us dream about having great wealth, fame, power, or owning a house in a dream location, but we never seriously decide exactly what our life should look like! Rather than dream about the unlikely, why not actually create a life that is truly your own?

You all know that a great life does not happen by accident. A great life is not easy and it does not come with a diploma, a promotion, getting married (or divorced), having kids or retiring early. It cannot be inherited and it never comes packaged with the “goodies” of life. Sure, money, a penthouse apartment, political power or winning the Nobel Prize are wonderful things, but none of them will guarantee a great life.

It seems to us that a GREAT life has a grand purpose, a central theme and a unifying vision. A great life is a lifestyle that is chosen “on purpose” and is lived in the service of a vision greater than itself. A great life is living “a life of one’s own” and it is invested, not merely spent.

I’m convinced that every one of us has the right to a GREAT life. You will see that, throughout our articles. Greatness is not reserved for a lucky few, for the rich or the powerful, for the artistic or for any small category of people. Greatness is the birthright of every human being, whether we express greatness in designing tall buildings, or by teaching children to stand tall.

Greatness is your birthright! Set it as your minimum standard to live a GREAT life, to make a difference and have some fun! Eventually, down the road one day, each of us must look back and assess our life, and when that time comes we want to smile, knowing we did it right. Set that as your standard, and go for it! Let us know how you are living your life of greatness.

To Your Success…