I Don’t Want to Be Rich…and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

Part of my business includes talking to many people who have a desire to own their own business and work from home. I often ask them what kind of an income they would like to create with their business. I’m always surprised by how many people tell me “Oh, I don’t want to be rich.”

My first thought is always, “Why not?”
Why be satisfied with earning just enough to get by? Why not push a little harder and create an income that could really DO something in the world?

When we don’t have all the money we need/want/would like to have, we have a tendency to create a reason why we wouldn’t want it anyway; We tell ourselves we wouldn’t want a butler, or a maid or a chauffeur or a gardener or a cook, as if that was all “rich people” did with their money.

We tell ourselves we wouldn’t be happy with a Bentley or a Ferrari or a Rolls Royce. We wouldn’t need to live in a “mansion” with 24 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, and a private bowling alley. Therefore, we have no need to be rich.

In reality, that’s how we explain to ourselves that we don’t think we are capable of being rich, of earning incredible income, or of being any more than we already are. We’d like to just plod along, treading water and buying the weekly lottery tickets. Oh, but if we don’t win, that’s okay, because we really don’t want to be rich anyway.

Well, indulge me here for just a minute, because I’d like to toss out a radical idea; What if you had all the money you could dream about, and used it to do something good in the world?

Hey, you can still live meagerly if you like, in a small house, driving an older car that’s paid for, living as modestly as you choose, but you could take all your extra income and do something phenomenal for someone else!

Regardless of where you are economically right now, you can bet that someone in the world has much less than you. Not everyone can get clean, cold water right from their refrigerator door. Not everyone has a pillow-top king-sized mattress to sleep on tonight. Not everyone has a well-stocked pantry.

What if your business could create so much income that you could take care of your needs, your family’s needs, and then go on to improve the lives of others? What if you could make a real difference in the world? Being rich can do that.

Instead of watching the evening news and telling ourselves “gosh, someone should do something about that,” we can be the person who makes it happen.

So, let’s stop telling ourselves we don’t want to be rich. We can be anything we choose to be, so choose to become rich.

Then, go make a difference in the world.

To your success…