Just a Little… Makes the Difference

The line which separates winning from losing can be so thin. One person “just about” starts a project, the other person starts it. One individual “almost” completes a task, the other does complete it. One person sees an opportunity, the other acts on it.

One student “nearly” passes the exam, the other does pass it. The difference in their marks may only be one percentage point out of a hundred, but it is that one point that makes all the difference.

In 1947, ARMED, the first race horse in the history of United States racing to win over one million dollars in prize money over the duration of his career, had earnings of $761,500. But the horse which finished second in earnings that same year, a horse which often lost races a mile long by only “a nose”, won only $75,000. The difference of a just a few inches!

If one were to look at their winnings alone, it would appear that ARMED was thirteen times better than his closest competitor. However, when you compare “the times” that were actually registered by those two horses in their races, you discover he really wasn’t even four percent better.

What would your life look like, if you simply improve your performance by just one percent? How many races could you win?

To Your Success…