What Is Money To You? Part One

When deciding to look at this subject closer…you will want to start with a $20.00 bill, and a dictionary. Ask yourself, what is money? The definition I found is: “money — stamped pieces of metal, or any paper notes, authorized by the government as a medium of exchange.”

If money is just stamped pieces of paper, or metal, than WHY does it have such power over our lives? Why does money create denial, avoidance, fear, jealousy, resentment, and greed in people?

Think about the people with excessive amounts of money. Are they driven by the fear that they may lose it, or the need to always make more? Why do people think that money is the answer to their problems? Here is the BIG question to ask yourself…

”why is it, that so many people think money is more powerful and important than THEY ARE?”

Don’t believe that? Consider this exercise I learned from the financial advisor, Susie Orman. Take a 20 dollar bill. Feel it in your hands, look at it closely. Now…tear that bill in half! Did you hesitate? Did you rip it fast, or slow? How did you feel? It gives me a small feeling deep in my stomach. Not pleasant at all. I felt some pain.

Ripping that 20 dollar bill is not nearly as easy as ripping a piece of paper with printing on it, was it? So, here you are…money is not JUST a piece of printed paper. So, what is it? It is, for most of us, something that we choose to exchange, for our time and energy! If you work for an employer, you give your time and energy to your job, in exchange, for a paycheck. Stop working, stop giving your time and energy, and your paycheck stops as well. Work for yourself, and you put in a lot of time and energy… especially in the beginning… so that one day you will get paid on a residual basis. But, make no mistake, without investing your time and energy, there will be no income!

So, MONEY, is your life energy! Because of this fact, it now has a value far beyond paper, or metal. That my friends, is why it is SO DIFFICULT to rip it in half. Yet, think about this for a moment. Don’t we “tear our money” all the time? This conscious or unconscious tearing of our money, keeps us in the “scarcity” mind set, no matter how hard we work, or how much income we make.

The process of accessing our abundance requires that we RESPECT our money, time, and energy, and use it in ways to maximize it….NOT destroy it! Next week we will look at a few ways to do that! Until then, tape your $20.00 bill back together!


To Your Success…