What Is Money To You? Part Two

Last week we looked at money, and what it means to each of us. We discovered that money is just not a “word in the dictionary”. Money, also represents an emotion to most of us. Can we have freedom, and independence without money? Can we have it with money?

Freedom and independence are held in high regard, especially with people who tend to have an entrepreneurial spirit, and for those of us who like to work for themselves. Have you ever given thought to the idea that working for yourself, or having a free spirit…could actually make you less independent, and less free, if you have debt in your lives? Let’s take a look at debt, and how it can affect your life.

Debt can be a claim against your future. It can claim your future earnings, your future time, and worse…your life’s energy! If you have ANY debt, of any kind…you have a claim against your future, that leads to dependence and fear…NOT the independence and freedom you are looking for!

That claim against your future earnings will require you to make a certain amount of money, in your future, or you will be in trouble! So, if you want to quit your job, or change careers, to one more fulfilling… but not as profitable… you will quickly see that it is not possible. You don’t have that freedom, because you have to pay your bills.

As a result of debt, we are no longer FREE and INDEPENDENT. We can keep making more money in business, or elsewhere, but if we have debt, we will not be free. EVER! It is a trap that will suffocate our spirits! The good news is…we don’t have to be in debt and the way out, does not require struggle, hard work, or deprivation. What IS required, is commitment. Commitment to make a change. It can truly be as easy as that!

To Your Success…